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Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV San Andreas is an import mod for GTA IV, which aims to recreate the whole of San Andreas in the newer Rage engine that built IV's Liberty City.

For GTA lovers
If you're a huge fan of everything Grand Theft Auto IV, you're going to love GTA IV San Andreas. It aims to port the epic Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game to the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE).

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is currently the first game in the GTA series to use the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. To make GTA IV San Andreas work, you need to have Grand Theft Auto already installed on your computer. GTA IV San Andreas can be installed like any other program at that point.

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Still in Beta
GTA IV San Andreas will provide access to some of the new and advanced features of the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. This includes enhanced HD graphics and sound, improved physics and also advanced replay, among other features.

As an import mod still in beta mode, it's possible that GTA IV San Andreas will crash on occasion. A FAQ is included in a text file of the program in the event that this happens. The most common stability issues relate to saved games or GTA IV San Andreas clashing with other installed mods.

Great boost
GTA IV San Andreas is a great way to enhance graphics and other features in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Welcome to Liberty City.
Welcome to Liberty City.
The Grand Theft Auto series has always been about allowing players to do whatever they please inside of an open world, along with the option to go through the game's missions to move the story forward and allow the player to exercise the many different facets and weapons of the game, such as robbing banks, assassinating NPCs, blowing up cars, escorting criminals and dealing drugs. Grand Theft Auto IV offers all of that and more in a revamped style, that looks more lifelike than previous titles.

As mentioned earlier, GTA IV has all that the previous games had in regards to gameplay, but GTA IV’s greatest appeal is in the depth and emotional impact left by the story. The game follows Niko Bellic's arrival to the United States, following the (laughably false) claims of wealth and luxury promised in letters from his cousin, Roman. As he begins to deal with the culture shock of living in a very capitalist Liberty City, Niko also attempts to make good on his secret vendetta—to find a “ special someone” who betrayed him (and others) during the war. As he continues his hunt, Niko encounters, works with, and occasionally befriends a wide variety of unsavory characters from all walks of life, offering his services to them as a gun for hire.

The game was built on RAGE, an engine that Rockstar developed, first used in Rockstar's Table Tennis, circa 2006. There was a special edition of GTA IV, containing a duffel bag, soundtrack sampler, art book, and a copy of the game, all packaged in a locked metal case made to look like a safety-deposit box. There were many conflicts in the game that surfaced and many unanswered questions, such as what will Niko encounter later in life?

Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic is a former Yugoslavian immigrant (though never specified, in The Cousins Bellic, Roman remarks that Niko's English is better than his [Roman's] Serbian, implying that the cousins are, in fact, from Serbia.) trying to make his way through his difficult life. A war veteran having fought in the Bosnian conflict of the early 1990s, he admits to tragic events occurring such as, through conversations with friends, the death of his brother and Roman’s mother. After the war, Niko couldn’t find any work in what was now a war-torn country, and began a life of crime, eventually landing him in the pocket of Rodislav Bulgarin; a Russian mobster in charge of the Mediterranean immigrant smuggling business.

After working some time for Bulgarin, a ship that Niko was aboard sank a few miles off the Italian coastline. Barely surviving the swim, Bulgarin believed that Niko intentionally sunk it in order to escape with the money. Niko realized this to be what Bulgarin thought, and had no choice but to avert the Russian Mafia. He spent seven months upon the merchant navy ship, The Platypus, contemplating joining his cousin, Roman, in his lavish and luxurious American life.

When The Platypus pulls into the City, Niko disembarks and is soon after picked up by his cousin to drive back to Roman’s place. When they get back, however, Niko is quick to observe that all Roman had told him was a great exaggeration, and in reality Roman had nothing but a poor apartment and small cab company. Roman’s gambling addiction landed him in debt to loan shark Vlad. Roman has a girlfriend called Mallorie, who introduces Niko to Michelle and who Roman suspects to be sleeping with Vlad. When Niko finds out that Roman had been correct, he contemplates for a moment with Roman, and then decides to exact revenge, to Roman’s great surprise. Niko and Roman get into a car and chase Vlad to the Pier. Vlad tries to justify his existence, and tells Niko that if he shoots, people will find him. Niko kills Vlad and dumps his body into the water. A few hours later, Roman calls him, and, in a hushed tone, tells him where to rendezvous. Niko finds Roman hiding in a dumpster, where Roman speaks of gangsters chasing him. Niko is in disbelief before he’s knocked out with the butt of a rifle.

Niko brandishing a shotgun
Niko brandishing a shotgun
Waking up in the basement of Mikhail Faustin's house, Niko is questioned by the captor as well as Faustin’s partner in crime, Dimitri Rascalov, until Faustin himself comes down to tell them to keep their voices low, when he discovers his goon to be incorrectly interrogating Niko, and consequently shoots him. Roman begins to lose his cool and Faustin decides to shoot him too, but only in the stomach. Dimitri calms down Faustin, who tells Niko to complete a task; with Dimitri promising to heal Roman’s wound. Niko works under Faustin and Dimitri for a while, as they gradually drift apart, and Dimitri finally asks Niko to kill Faustin. Niko chases Faustin through his club until a final confrontation on the roof. Faustin claims that has made Dimitri greedy and that he will betray Niko as well. Niko pays no heed and kills him. Afterwards Dimitri requests Niko meet him at a warehouse to receive his payment.

Little Jacob, a drug dealer Niko had worked with earlier in the game, calls immediately after Niko’s conversation with Dimitri, telling him he has a bad feeling about the whole shindig and will be at his side during the meet. Once Niko makes his way into the warehouse, he finds Dimitri’s new partner to be Rodislav Bulgarin. Niko realizes that the meet was a trap, and duels with Dimitri’s henchmen in the warehouse with the assistance of Little Jacob. Niko frees Roman from the back of a car some time later and drives them both to Roman’s cab company, only to find it burning violently, along with his apartment. Roman is devastated, and after crying to Niko (the “mission” is called Roman’s Sorrow) he rings up Mallorie and asks her to find them a place in Bohan. Roman then concludes the mission by revealing to Niko that the “special item” he had referred to when Niko rescued him was an engagement ring. It had burned, lying in his apartment.

The two of them take shelter in Bohan, where Niko finds he can be of some service to the locals, at first only Manny Escuela and Elizabeta Torres, Elizabeta introduces Niko to Playboy X and Patrick McReary. Working under Playboy X, Niko discovers that Playboy’s mentor, Dwayne Forge, has been recently released from prison. Playboy asks Niko to meet with Dwayne, who Niko greatly sympathizes with. Niko starts accepting missions from Dwayne as well, without pay, until Dwayne asks him to kill the managers at a strip club. Niko does as instructed, but soon after finds out that Playboy owned that strip club. Playboy, furious, asks Niko to take out Dwayne. Niko contemplates, and, depending on the player’s decision, kills one of them. Meanwhile, Roman rebuilds the cab company, with the assistance of his insurance company, who think that the original company burned down because of an electrical fire. He rediscovers his passion for gambling, which lands him, once again, in the pocket of Russian loan sharks. In Algonquin, Niko befriends Patrick McReary, who he’d worked with earlier, upon Elizabeta’s command. Patrick and Niko become friends and soon Niko gets to know the McReary family and circle of trust, which includes Derrick McReary, Francis McReary, Gerry McReary and last but not least, Kate McReary. After the introductions and a few missions, Niko gets a call from a terrified Elizabeta. He goes to her house, where she tells him that the cops are onto her. She inadvertently kills Manny Escuela, and then sends to Niko to do a drug deal with Little Jacob, only to find out that the person who intercepts Niko’s deal is none other than Michelle, his girl friend. Niko doesn’t mince words with her, but soon after surrenders and discovers that she works for a secret government organization called United Liberty Paper. Her role in the game is concluded when she hands Niko over to the unnamed man leading U. L. Paper, who bribes Niko with the information he has on his criminal activities. Niko agrees to do dirty work for the government, as long as they help him find a “special someone”.

Jimmy Pegorino
Jimmy Pegorino
Patrick McReary’s family leads him to the Italian mobsters Ray Boccino and Phil Bell, who soon after introduce him to Jimmy Pegorino. Working under their wing and helping the McReary’s, Niko finally gets a lead from Ray: Ray tells him the whereabouts of Florian Cravic. Niko, with Roman, busts through Florian’s apartment, gun in hand, only to find a much calmer man, now named Bernie, who moved to safely pursue his homosexuality. He dispels Niko’s idea that Florian, or Bernie, was the one who sold out their unit, and tells him that all this time he had thought Niko to be the one. Frustrated and disappointed, Niko leaves with no resolve. He ceases working for Ray and finds closure with the all but one of the McReary’s, Kate, with whom he has an ongoing relationship. U. L. Paper had Niko working with Jon Gravelli, an old mobster about to hit the bucket, who eventually gives Niko the one person he is sure sold out their platoon: Darko Brevich. Niko informs Roman that he’s found Darko, and Roman decides to meet the old friend as well, Niko and Roman head off to the Airport, As they enter the Airport a truckfull of government soldiers circle around the backlot and drops off a miserable looking man who is bound by ropes. Niko confronts him, and when Darko asks who Niko is, he replies only with, “I’m the one who survived.” Darko then proceeds to justify his actions, telling Niko that their unit had killed some of his friends, some of his family. Still furious, Niko asks him how much they payed him. Darko laughs and replies, “A thousand. How much do they pay you to kill someone?” Niko is suddenly thrown into contemplation when Darko contrasts the two of them, but then Darko pleas for him to end his life, telling Niko that he’d be doing him a favor. The player gets to decide whether or not Niko kills Darko. If he does, right before Darko bleeds out, he thanks Niko for ending his life. Niko eventually regrets this decision. If Niko decides to let Darko live, both Bernie and Roman congratulate him for finally burying his past.

Niko, still suffering from the shock of his confrontation with Brevich, tries to cool off at a bar. There, he finds Jimmy P, whose empire is falling apart and needs Niko to do him one last solid: Work with Dimitri Rascalov. Niko is at first morally resistant to the idea, but Pegorino persists, and the player is given the ultimate ethical decision: either you sell your soul to the devil, or you become him. The outcome is detailed in the next section.

Multiple Endings
After Niko’s conversation with Pegorino, you have to drive around for a while before Niko is called by Kate McReary and Roman. Niko isn’t very specific with Kate, he only tells her that a decision came up, and that he can either earn money or make good on something he promised to do. Kate, given this extremely abstract version of the actual situation, adheres to her moral code and tells Niko to do so, as well. Roman, however, believes that Niko should go through with the deal, not only because Roman prefers money to violence, but because he’d like the money for his honeymoon with soon-to-be bride Mallorie, as well as help him earn the money he needs to live the life he always wanted to with his cousin.

Seeking Revenge
If you choose to extract revenge, you will find Dimitri on The Platypus, the very same ship you were on when you arrived in Liberty City. After fighting through Dimitri’s men, you must pull a lever and get to the bottom of the ship, where you confront Dimitri alongside his henchmen. Shortly after Niko kills Dimitri, he attends Roman’s wedding, where he is ambushed by Pegorino and his goons as they drive by. Everyone successfully evades the attempted murder except for Kate, who is shot dead. Niko is deeply disturbed by her death, when Roman and Jacob tell him to get going and take a nap.

When Niko wakes up, he gets a call from Little Jacob, who, alongside Roman, has decided to take down Pegorino and whatever’s left of his empire. All three of them chase a car full of his goons to Pegorino’s hideout. Niko slides out of the car and tells Roman and Jacob that the most useful thing they can do is ensure that they don’t die, and maybe figure out an exit strategy. There is a great struggle and Niko finally makes it inside and to the top of the building, where he encounters Pegorino, who slides down a ladder and escapes via boat. Niko chases him down and gets into Jacob’s chopper and continues his pursuit. Both Pegorino and Niko crash, wherein Niko chases Pegorino alone and eventually kills him, but not before delivering a grand monologue.

Taking the Deal
Living the dream.
Living the dream.
If you choose to make the deal, you are sent in alongside Phil Bell to rendezvous with Dimitri's men. Dimitri betrays Niko, who has to fight his way out of the compound with Phil and $250,000. When Niko heads back, he tells Kate that he decided to do the job for the money, for which she is furious at him and refuses to go to his cousin’s wedding. He goes without her, and after the usual proceedings, one of Dimitri’s men opens fire on the crowd. Roman is shot down and killed, for which Niko is very angry. He hits the goon’s dead body a few times before going home at the will of Jacob. When he wakes up, he decides to kill Dimitri. You again follow Pegorino’s goons to the building where Pegorino and Dimitri set up shop. Niko tells Jacob that he’ll handle it alone, and after a great conflict, he finally makes it inside, where he sees Dimitri betray Pegorino and then attempt to escape, this time via helicopter. The rest is essentially the same, in that you follow Dimitri via helicopter until both of your vehicles crash. You track down Dimitri and kill him, the game ending with a shot of the Statue of Happiness.

The GTA series had always had a variety of weapons to use. From Ak47's to an RPG, you are a one man army. This installment is no exception.